Woods end.





Ink and charcoal on paper – 33 x 22 cm.


Thank you to everyone who has looked, liked, commented and supported me this year. It is very much appreciated. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a hearty Hogmanay.   Dominique x

Tales of the riverbank.



Mixed media on paper – 140 x 60 cm.


The world has stopped. Frozen. I am the only sound in the wood this morning. Along the edge of the burn starbursts of ice reach toward the fast flowing water whilst thick fingers of ice clutch at boulders and rocks midstream. I am careful not to slip on them. Across the water I sit and look at the trees. A robin sits too, watching me . I think I should have brought some nuts to give it. Instead I break off bits of my kit-kat, carefully trying to remove the chocolate thinking it might not be good for a robin. Anyway I toss it bits of the biscuit, but being a country bird it doesn’t know what I’m doing so simply looks on. Next time I will try and tempt it with better food. I paint the utter stillness. A heron lands on a rock, my feet shift on the crunchy leaves and it takes flight, its great swags of wings lifting it gently into the pale sky.

Only the wind.





The wood feels exposed this morning, wind echoes a memory of sleep as I walk. I am getting a new view of the wood in winter, this steep sided fissure in the landscape. The geography and geology reveal its bones. Here in my favourite place a copse of young beech trees mimic the curves of the burn below, rising upwards, away.

I sit listening to the wind roaring and closing my eyes I am all at once at sea.


Mixed media on paper 140 x 60 cm.