The burn in the woods.



Mixed media on paper – 140 x 60cm.



Thank you to everyone for following my walks this year. Its been great to have your company. I hope next year will bring new explorations and already there are some exciting possibilities as well as the culmination of current projects –  the farm project which will exist in book form by the summer as well as an exhibiton at the Pittenweem arts festival, an exhibition with the Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright in May and an abstraction show with Fidra in April. Plus my new coastal studio (a WW2 look out post that looks out over the Firth of Forth ) where I will make new work and fingers crossed a colloborative project with friend and writer Rebecca Sharp. Thank you for all your support.

So wishing you a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year.

Dominique x





The byres are coming down, to be replaced with new ones. There are workmen on the far side of the roof. I sit drawing, listening to their conversation. ‘Aye Christmas is coming.’ Starlings on the wire,  geese in formation. ‘I’m in the wrong place yet again’. Crows, shotgun. Angle grinders golden stars, ‘….sparking like fuck up here’. Each corrugated sheet is removed. ‘See over there, there’s someone sitting on that pile of rubble. They’re wearing red and there’s something white. Thought it was fuckin’ Santa, man !’ ‘What are they doin’ ?’ ‘I’m drawing’, I shout. ‘She’s drawing’. ‘What’s she drawing?’ ‘All of this’, I say. ‘Uh huh?’ Silence. Stillness. Shatters. Screech of metal on metal. ‘I must have magic hands, ma brain doesna ken when they’re doin’ things’. The cold seeps and sits on bones. I stand  and stretch. Daylight is dwindling.