This short film is called ‘Leavings’ and is, as its name suggests, a response to this idea. How we leave, what we might take with us and the traces and fragments of ourselves that remain. There is a recurring clip of film throughout the piece which was shot on super 8 on the uninhabited island of Swona in Orkney. There is a cottage where the contents of a home remain after forty years of absence. The ‘leavings’ of a life.

‘Moor’ is a film poem created by film maker Martyn Blundell from my paintings and drawings, the poetry of Mark Goodwin and the music composition of Edu Comelles. During the Rannoch project I would tweet images of my work and Mark would respond with poetry. This formed the basis for the book and now the film poem. Below are the links to the artists involved in its making.
Poetry – Mark Goodwin –
Film – Martyn Blundell-
Music – Edu Comelles –

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