Beech , sycamore and fallen yew.

    Acrylic and charcoal on paper 150cm x 50 cm. Large drawing made in the woods this morning. The paint wouldn’t dry in the damp air and the paper ruckled and crumpled. Insects crawled, mozzies bit, deer barked. Splendid to be out in the landscape, getting lost in the making of marks.Read more


    Pencil on paper Oil on panel   Terre Verte, Viridian, Emerald, Veronese. Pushing through the undergrowth, cow parsley as tall as my eye, cobwebs brush my face. Eating wild raspberries, small, sharp and red. Seeds caught between my teeth. Birdsong high in the canopy, dark hollows of sleep. Ash leaves ripple in the breeze spilling sunlight on a wren as it flits through the ferns.Read more