First work .

20150929_121853 (2)

First piece in new studio. Still life. mixed media on linen 1m x 1m. Happy now I have made something. I can get on with unpacking the rest of the house. Mess, boxes and can’t find anything….. But living opposite a cafe and a chippy – tea, cake and fish suppers, what more can you ask for ? Just as well as there’s no kitchen in the house…..!

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Travelling alone

IMG_2119 (5)

Conversations in the city.

Telling stories of who we are, from where we came – Scotland, England, Ireland, France. Stories of travelling across water in a rowing boat. ‘Life is a shipwreck, remember to sing in the lifeboats’. Voltaire (?)  We strike up with ‘Shiver me timbers’ by Tom waits and grin as we forget half of the words.

Cheeri bye

This is to you all – Ann, Jane, Stuart, David, Derek, Catherine, Trevor, Brian, Nicky, Frances, Barbara, Noreen, Gillian, Kenny and Davey. You have taken me in, showed me how to do stuff and made me laugh. My adopted Dundee family. Thankyou.

The Dighty burn is braw, or from my part of the world – gert lush !

See you all in the new year, oh, except for my Christmas dinner at Sansburys invite, don’t forget !

And here is my final drawing of a giant Tunnocks teacake, jist fae yous.

Dominique x

ps I’ll be back scribbling soon.

2015-09-11 12.55.24 (2)

Pop in…

IMG_5650 (2)                   IMG_5647 (2)

An exhibition of some of the  drawings I have made this year. Not sure how long it will be there, but drop by if you are on Balunie Drive, opposite the tyre garage in Douglas. Its the phone box right opposite.Open 24 hours……

Final bus shelter drawing Dundee

2015-09-14 10.56.45 (3)

Balunie Drive. This is my last bus shelter drawing,on a dreich,wet Monday September morning. Not a soul to talk to as I pencil grey on grey. Still the buses stop for me which is nice as I smile and shake my head. I am on my own, and today I like that. I can just enjoy the making of marks in this landscape fixing the detail in my memory as only drawing can.