Tuesdays dig.


A Buddha in the burn,

now that’s a funny thing to find


roman coins and tudor buttons.

Ben Sherman shirts and galluses,

a red handkerchief in your pocket.

He’s studying dentistry,

she, sensitivity,

finding it hard not to laugh

at metal detecting someones head…


Now thats a treasure.



‘This world is Phuhl o’ a Number o’ Things…..

2015-06-26 17.54.36

Sounds of the ’70’s in Douglas.

Fintry shams, Lochee Fleet, Kirkton Huns and Douglas Toddy, bands of boys, in bands of colour, jumpers knitted by their Grannies. Drinking, yelling, brawling, laughing, trying to get the girl. Green and reds and black and blue. Dundee, Arbroath, Leven and Methil, big men, small men, wide men, scared men, running. Into trouble.

Thankyou to Kenny and Charlie for their brilliant stories about the gangs in Dundee and for the music of ‘St Andrews and the Woollen Mills.’

Last chance saloon…

2015-06-22 10.32.18 (2)

The mornings drawing whilst listening to Nina Simone  ‘ Little girl blue’ album.  Title of the drawing –   ‘Last chance saloon’ after some text from the Evening Tele used in the picture.

Gesso, acrylic and charcoal on Evening Telegraph from June 3rd 2015.


2015-06-18 14.13.52 (2)

Grey clouds, cool wind, Thursday morning. Bus shelter Fintry Road. Why has the church not got a steeple? It was better when the Corporation ran the buses. Wages clerk with Tescos for 22 years, retired last week. He looked at my drawing and squinted at the street beyond. He said the road went like that, not like that as he peered at the drawing again. He was right but then I told him it looked different in my head. He drew war pictures. Battleships…..

Happyhillock Road.

2015-06-12 13.39.32 (2)

Standing in the bus shelter I feel the beach between my toes – left over holiday sand scrubbing my feet. I meet two women called Violet. One in a bright yellow sun of a tee shirt tells me …’Its getting better every day’. I give another woman my flyer with the drawing on the front. She says she would stick it on her fridge door and copy the drawing for herself. She had the most freckly face and a wide grin. I carry on drawing and begin to know Happyhillock Road, at least a little.

20150612_113316 (2)

red fence

2015-06-11 11.40.52 (2)                              2015-06-11 14.38.59 (3)

Red fence and cctv camera outside McColls and the Fallen Angels beauty parlour, Douglas, and hill in Fintry.

Sunglasses, cut grass, postman says ‘braw day’. Open car windows, music blaring. Suncream, warm concrete, man on a mobile phone shouting ‘ ….the police will come to your door’. Bare legs and shoulders, birdsong in the shade. The sounds of the city are different in the heat of the afternoon.