Happyhillock Road.

2015-06-12 13.39.32 (2)

Standing in the bus shelter I feel the beach between my toes – left over holiday sand scrubbing my feet. I meet two women called Violet. One in a bright yellow sun of a tee shirt tells me …’Its getting better every day’. I give another woman my flyer with the drawing on the front. She says she would stick it on her fridge door and copy the drawing for herself. She had the most freckly face and a wide grin. I carry on drawing and begin to know Happyhillock Road, at least a little.

20150612_113316 (2)

One Reply to “Happyhillock Road.”

  1. Aye yer dain a braw joab young lass (happyhillock gaelic), yer not lousid (invasive word sneaked in frae Blairgoorie) yet, 😉


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