Fife Ness


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The most easterly point of Fife, looking north. This part of the East neuk is dominated with remnants of WW2  – pillboxes, a large aircraft runway with brick and corrugated iron hangars. I like their presence, it reminds me of Orkney and its wartime architecture. Some large drawings in the summer perhaps….

Fire Station Road, Montrose


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Back to some drawing. I can’t quite leave Montrose. There are always more songs. This is the mottled tarmac, crane and fence posts that lead to the docklands.


Charcoal and acrylic on paper – 38cm x 56cm

Ninewells community garden.

Here are a few of the brilliant drawings made by those that came along for a drawing workshop I was leading in Dundee’s Ninewells hospital garden. We had a lovely day and the weather was warm and sunny. Thankyou to everyone who came and took up the challenge! I had a great time, as always in Dundee, and the new V and A by the way is looking suitably dreadnought -ish sitting, menacingly on the bank of the Tay.  Brutalist in black concrete. Braw.

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chip shop owner (2)




Isobel hair 1 (2)




Stills from the short film ‘Leavings’. This piece is, as the name suggests about leaving, yet also it is the remnants, or traces of ourselves we leave behind.