Back road Catterline.


20160615_091936 (2)

Garages and sheds, mixed media on ply.

Doors open into a gloom of stored yesterdays. Gently mouldering boxes of half tins of paint leftover from the days of tangerine and mint green silk emulsion. Toys that cannot be discarded, not yet anyway, because…..A broken deckchair, and a thing for, you know, for…., aye well it might still come in handy. Wellie boots with holes in, hanging basket planters, when we thought it might be nice to look as if we cared, an Atari games console complete with pac man game, a tin of bent rusty nails and a pogo stick.

Wooden garages Catterline.

20160614_103609 (2)

Mixed media on paper. 73 x 47 cm

Summer .

Memories of  bitumen and creosote being painted on wood, and the smell with the heat of summer. My feet finding soft, sticky patches of tar on the road and pushing my toes into the black glue. Of course I would walk it into the house and spend days trying to scrub the tattooed molasses from my skin. By August my legs bruised, scabbed, tarred and sunburnt.