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I visited the village of Catterline yesterday, the subject of Joan Eardleys famous landscapes.I am taking part in an exhibition at Wall Projects, Montrose about this place and my response to it. I wandered and sat in the sunshine among the cow parsley and blooms of blue borage and did a little drawing. Grand.

In the evening, a group of 23 of us headed out on ‘the walk’, the line in Montrose I followed. I even managed to take Montrosians to places they had not been before. A brilliant walk full of chat and stories, and a great way to end my involvement in Montrose…. except I will be back next year for part two – another show but walking a different line which is a very exciting prospect – I already have my eye on something….

2 Replies to “Catterline”

  1. Sounds great Dominique really enjoyed Tuesday and of seeing you love the Barbers Chair in my case on the ceiling the came out upside down must have been distracted😊 loved your film of recollection and reflection including the music for it – another feather in your cap there film making 👍 I will send you photos – and a bonus which you might like to see for we came across Bambi on Wednesday amazing find? I will send you a pic of this little cracker 😉

    Your doin braw Bonnie Lass



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