Dighty leaflet 9

This is a design for the flyers that will be winging their way around Fintry, Whitfield, Douglas, Mid Craigie, and Kirkton. If you see me out and about drawing, do stop for a chat especially, but not exclusively (!) about anything related to Dighty and the environment – stories, ideas, or anything you would like to see change or improved in the community.

The Dolphin

2015-04-23 13.36.11

Jim sat next to me on a bench.  He rolled some cigarettes and I drew the street. The CCTV camera watching us. We spoke a little, but fell silent, each getting on with their job. A while later he told me he was off to the bookies, then the pub. He left. I finished my drawing.

Fintry drawings and Ron and Iris

Today was the first day of drawing proper. I sat on the pavement in Fintry drawing the junction, while people walked past and some stopped to ask what I was doing. I met Ron who lived in the house behind where I was sitting and we had a chat. A few minutes later he came back out to show me some of his paintings and then a wee bit later invited me in for a cup of tea. I  had a lovely time with Ron and his wife Iris , thanks to them for their kindness and conversation. Oh and a caramel log …. So here is my first preliminary sketch and with his permission Rons paintings .

2015-04-22 13.36.42

2015-04-22 13.19.53 (2)