Dighty leaflet 9

This is a design for the flyers that will be winging their way around Fintry, Whitfield, Douglas, Mid Craigie, and Kirkton. If you see me out and about drawing, do stop for a chat especially, but not exclusively (!) about anything related to Dighty and the environment – stories, ideas, or anything you would like to see change or improved in the community.

One Reply to “poster”

  1. Am I allowed to make a suggestion nae laughing now. I will put here, its with regards to project work ideas?

    There is an eye sore that sits next to the Dighty Burn which is situated in between longhaugh and the back of Midmill, which is not far from Happyhillock Road, it is a patch of waste ground near the Iron Bridge where the Gasometer used to be that contains a path leading to Iceland and its car park, now we know Iceland have plans to rebuild a new better premises, however this patch of ground seems to be redundant and just used for fly tipping and fire raising.

    My idea although some folk’s may think silly, daft or even stupid, is to clean the area up a bit like Sheil Street, in Broughty Ferry and either make it into something useful, a playground, a picnic area with benches and seats or some kind of presentable open space featuring some kind of art sculpture with seats nearby, another thought crossing my mind is to have some kind of memorial to remember the old Longhaugh Race Course, that was celebrated last year as there is nothing really that features this and the Race Course site has gone to housing but perhaps a monument of somekind would be a lasting reminder a monument could even have a double purpose 1, the Race Course and 2, the old Mill and Bleach Works (known on the old maps as Dundee Bleach fields that stood where the waste ground, Iceland and the Care Home is.

    Okay, now you can laugh it’s probably too much I knoe and I am probably being a little too adventurous but I feel getting that patch of ground and giving it a new lease of life might deter the continuous amount of fly tipping and fire raising and could make it a wee bit bonnier.

    Okay, that’s just some thought’s apologies if I have talked dribble : )



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