Cameron A3-1


Here’s the poster for the show . Do come along if you can . The opening is 12 – 4pm on Saturday June 3rd.

Sunken Treasure


DSC_2611 (2)

This morning was spent in waders in the Dighty burn with the conservation group recovering shopping trolleys, fencing, and a Dundee street sign ( now in my studio ). Pitkerro Road is the road where the Iceland store was demolished and where Stuart found a tenner round the back when we were clearing up the rubbish. Nice to be back . And I got to drive the van. Later at home I was searching through a notebook for a piece of text when I came across a story a friend had told me about a woman on a bus in Dundee . Still made me laugh.

A woman gets on a bus. The driver asks to see her concessionary travel card. The woman takes out her purse, opens it up and shows the driver the card with her picture on it .  ‘Are you sure about that ?’ asks the driver. ‘Yes’, says the woman tartly.  ‘Really, are you sure about that ?’, he asks again. ‘Yes’, shouts the woman and sits down grumbling about the cheek of the driver. She looks down at her purse and the picture. It is an image of the Virgin Mary.

Banana flats, Henderson Street, Leith.


DSC_2595 (6)

Standing at the bus stop. Lilac blooming in a front garden opposite. I push my hands into the pockets of my coat, and I pull out the contents – a 5p coin and a penny, a receipt from the co-op, raffle tickets from the film screening a couple of weeks ago, a screwed up foil ball of a once creme egg and a shrivelled conker, dimpled, leathery, dull. I still collect chestnuts, but then forget them and find them and remember. A totem.

Islands of the Forth


DSC_2585 (2)

Bass Rock. Charcoal and ink on paper.  – 84 cm x 58cm. This is an introduction to a project I am starting later this summer. The Firth of Forth has over a dozen islands and I am going to walk and draw some of them . Some are easy to get to in the Summer on day trip boats , others not .  I am missing islands.