I thought I would share this quote from a lovely chap named Dan Fairbairn on Twitter. I read it and was a bit stunned. Anyway I told him that was definitely going on my website ! Thanks and check out Daniel – @D_M_Fairbairn on Twitter if you like, oh and me also – @bourbonandwolfe. Thanks Dan 🙂

‘If @bourbonandwolfe was a poet she’d write four words and break your heart while simultaneously showing you the entire universe and blowing your mind.’

That’ll do.

Train drawing.

No hump shunting, self storage. Two men crouch by a bonfire. ‘I’m not working on the train Julian’. Heading north of here and here and here. A whorl of white hair, hawthorn blossom. Angry tip tapping, Julian will be happy. A sigh. Flat lands, ponds and pylons.

River edge.

Mixed media on paper – 41.5 x30.5cm.

The river is uncoiling itself, sidling on silt flats, a grey clay slip, leadened glaze film on sinking boots. Reeds flicker, splinters of water, field, pylon, cow.