Dundee FC

Gouache and ink on paper.

A quick drawing made on the pavement on Tannadice Street this afternoon. I am going to do a couple of paintings of Dundee and Dundee United football grounds. Great to be back in Dundee, drawing. I’ve missed it .

My planned landing trips to bass Rock were cancelled last week so thats it for the season. I am going to have to postpone my series on the Rock but hopefully next year. In the meantime I am returning to Leith to make a series of paintings. It will be interesting to see how my work has changed since my last visit, and I definitely want to paint the Hibs football ground. Maybe there’s a theme……….

Farm land. September.

Borage blue stars, ox blood dockan seeds. Nettles as tall as they will get flank the oat field. Cabbage seas peak and crest the rise to the north, steely, cold. In the copse, ash trees jostle with tall pines. Leaves clatter through the canopy like coins in a penny pusher arcade game at the fair. One more tuppence……. Something stirs a large flock of seagulls in a fallow field, westward. They rise screeching, whirling, waltzering. They circle and settle once more.

Bass Rock – first thoughts

ink on paper – 18 x 26 cm

So my next project is decided. Hopefully if the weather is fine I am booked on the last landing trip of the season. The gannets will shortly be leaving for feeding grounds off west Africa for the winter. This drawing came from a previous visit a couple of years ago and it is only now that I think I might be able to meet this desolate basalt rock face on. In fact despite its proximity to Edinburgh it has to be one of the wildest places I have ever visited – an inverse to Rannoch Moor in so many ways and yet Bass Rock is another landscape where humans are absent, a place where we have no business. It is this spirit that connects these places and one where I will try and get to an understanding of sorts if that is possible. I am looking forward to the challenge.