A first glimpse of Glencoe for my project this/next year. I cannot get there yet, so this is from a photograph driving through the Glen. There was snow on the hills, threatening more. Dark, light, sun, snow, rock, scree, heather, road carving through the Pass.

Oil on panel – 25 x 19 cm – £200





A drawing made in the landscape from Kellie Law, a small hill behind the village where I live. It was winter, the trees were bare. I liked the rhythm of the trees set against the fields beyond.

Waterclour crayon on paper – 26 x 19 cm – £80





This is a paintung of the steps leading up to my garden. They are in fact brick , but I was interested in this big dark shape taking up the foreground, weighting the whole piece down and at the same time pushing into the composition, not in a dainty way. I like the balance of this with the more drawn element of the garden itself.

Oil on panel – 25 x 19 cm – £180 – SOLD.




This is a small painting made whilst looking out of my studio into the garden beyond. It has a very large rosemary bush, and a patch of lawn, an ivy, a lavender, old and gnarly , and beyond a view of the Firth of Forth . I was thinking about the  intensity of paint and mark making on a small scale.

Oil on found wood – 18 x 8 cm – £160


All works are unframed.

If you are interested in any of these then do get in touch  – dominiquecameron3@gmail.com.

And if you do not know, if I make £1000, I pledge to buy another artists work. Thanks so much for all your support. Dominique


Hello, I have this week joined a project on Twitter called #artistsupport pledge. It was started by Matthew Burrows on Instagram with the idea of helping artists at this time. The idea is that you post and sell work for £200 or less. If you reach £1000 in sales you pledge to buy another artists work. I started this week on Twitter and have now decided to place all the pieces on the website which connects to my Twitter account anyway. So for those that don’t tweet, you can take a look too. I’ll be putting my selected works online later today. If you did want to purchase a piece you can contact me via email – dominiquecameron3@gmail.com.

Thanks for your continued visits to see what I’m up to, it cheers me up !

Dominique x


‘We have no prairies/to slice a big sun at evening.’





Oil on panel – 200 x 84 cm..

‘We have no prairies/ to slice a big sun at evening’ – Seamus Heaney ‘Bogland’.

This is my final large work of Rannoch Moor. In the next few weeks I will start on next year’s project – Glencoe. Just down the road from Rannoch the landscape changes from one of endless expanse to an ever narrowing pass, where the mountains squeeze and hold you in their grasp before realeasing you into the valley below. It is an intense experience, in ways so very different to Rannoch and a challenge I want to try and meet.

I have another trip up to Rannoch shortly to make one final work. As with all my projects it feels sad to be leaving. My connections to these places become very close and as I may have said before, the resulting work I make feel as much portrait as landscape. I hope I have done justice in some way to the vast, wild beauty that is Rannoch Moor. Traversing the Moor, one is walking on time, beneath, our history is bottomless.





(Details from painting.)

Willows and snow.




watercolour crayon on paper.

Wind roars in the tall beech trees, where willows creak and scratch. Snowdrops scatter, speckle the earth as snow showers blast through the blackened trunks of alder.