Into the woods.

Acrylic on panel – 122 x 60cm.

This work is part of a solo show with Fidra Fine Art which runs from May 6th – June 18th. I do hope you might be able to make it along. There is a publication to coincide with the exhibition – ‘Up With The Larks’ which is currently at the printers and will be ready shortly. I’ll keep you posted ! Dominique x


Oil on wood – 25 x 20 cm.

An ebb tide channels the water, pulling itself to a sea it knows only in its deepest briny dreams. Small burns trickle from the fields, draining hither and thither, eel curved gullies through the slick, shiny banks of mud. Reed beds like whale baleen sift the flotsam, railway sleepers and trees remain trapped in their bone yards from a hundred years of winters. We meet Daniel on the hunt for rare bricks. He tells us about the old swing bridge, munition stores from two world wars and the old blue crane on the jetty, long ago abandoned on the far side of the river. His enthusiasm for this landscape is vital and engaging. A hare sprints across an open field. Stirling rises in the distance, guarding the entrance to the mountains of the west. At the river’s edge reeds crackle in the brittle winter sun, a shiver of a rising tide returns.

Sky drawings.

Outside a flock of curlews in the field to the west of the studio. I look up what a flock of curlews is – a curfew, a salon or a skein. I like the idea of a salon, seems fitting from the studio doorway. Clouds building in the west, a bitter north wind. A buddleia and a foxglove have seeded under the threshold of the door. Drawing where I am, what I see today.

New view.

Oil sketch of the view from the new studio. A cold March day, skylarks in the field.

The wind shoogles shimmied golden disco catkins in the low, late winter sun.


Sharp apple bite of a winter’s day stretches taut over its lilac bones to the northern edge of this sky.