‘Moor’ – film poem.

A film poem of the ‘Moor’ has been created by Martyn Blundell and Mark Goodwin. I have uploaded it onto my website in the ‘film’ section of the site . It has been entered in the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2020.

The Moor – Mark goodwin, Dominique Cameron.

Hi, a quick update with the book. I have now sold out, which is great. A huge thank you to everyone who bought a copy. We have entered ‘Moor’ into the Banff Mountain Book Festival. If we do well and it creates an interest then we will proably look at doing another print run. So if you do want a copy but didn’t get one then hopefully there will be another opportunity. I’ll keep you posted .

Also to add there will be a number of copies available at Fidra Fine art when the exhibition of paintings opens on 22nd August .

Thank you again for all your support and kind words about our collaboration.

Dominique x

Moor – for sale

I have a limited amount of copies of ‘Moor’ for sale. It is a portrait of Rannoch Moor with paintings and drawings by myself and poetry from Mark Goodwin and the wonderful design is by Iain Sarjeant. The work will be exhibited at Fidra Fine Art in August. The cost is £15 which includes post and packing in the UK. Please email me – dominiquecameron3@gmail.com- if you would like a copy. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Dominique .