Bird wing.




It is here, in the smallest of things where a trees breath glimmers, twinkles itself to death.


Whats that noise ? Can you hear it ? Its only the wind you say. I raise my face, ready to run headlong, as usual. Giddy.

There, see, look up my cushie-doo. Hundreds and hundreds maybe more,

bird bones whoosh so close their feathers shiver my skin.

I laugh.





Black crows rattle in the trees like dried peas in a tin. Bark scars pinch, scrafing, bleached and picked. Did you know the mouth of the burn grins baleen roots of trees, whistling a wind across the North Sea ? The silence of snow is coming.

Into the woods- a drawing workshop.


IMG_6572 (5)


On Saturday 12th May I will be leading a drawing workshop with ‘Off the Rails Arthouse’ in Ladybank Fife. We will be walking, drawing and exploring local woodland and hopefully making some large and small monochrome works with paint and charcoal.

There is more information on the Off The Rails website- if you are interested and might like to join us.

Thanks and happy valentines day to everyone !