Education –

1989-92 – Napier University, Edinburgh – B.A Photography (Distinction).

2013- 14 – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee – MFA Art, Society and Publics.

As an artist my practice is rooted in landscape. I walk, draw, paint, write and film my encounters through the urban environment and the rural. I grew up in the West country, a place of beauty, boredom and economic division. The most exciting thing for us as teenagers was the local disco on a Friday night and waiting for the Top 40 on a Sunday tea-time, trying to tape it on our mono tape recorders. This lack of adventure led to walking, away from home. There were particular routes I would take often, places I got to know in detail. It was a kind of ‘mapping’ , charting the unknown parts of my surrounding landscape. To this day it is something I do on arrival in a new place, except now I make things that articulate what I find as artefact, as document as re-imagined memory of place. The teenage girl is still there, I can’t quite seem to shake her off, but its comforting to know I am still as curious and awkward and persistent.

In 2018 I have been walking and drawing in a wood in Fife and am now to be found on a farm, walking the fields and drawing the far wide views across the Forth.

Dominique 20th Feb 2018 Picture by Gary Doak Photography


 IMG_7217 (2)b



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  1. Hi Dominique. We spoke briefly at Pittenweem. You may recall I was very taken with the Scots Pines image you had on the floor. Sadly I couldn’t afford it, but if you should happen to do any other studies of the same – maybe a bit smaller and cheaper (sorry) – then I’d be really interested. They’re special trees.

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