The white horse of Drumcarrow Craig.

Mixed media on panel – 25 x 20 cm.

A drawing about a place called Drumcarrow Craig in Fife. It is a small hill a short distance from St Andrews, an extinct volcanic plug where the remains of an iron age broch still stand and the outline of at least three hut circles . The hill is scattered with small boulders, exposed slabs of olivine dolerite, with small pools and bog. There are white horses . It is the start of another new project with writer and friend Rebecca Sharp. We will be working together and independently to explore this small landscape- as Rebecca says….’the stories , voices and buried/dreamt things’. This is my reflection, and initial response.

Snow day.

Lapwings peewitting, crows polka dotting the bare fields. Kids at the strawberry farm out on this snow day. A quad bike pulling a girl in a plastic box, slipping, sliding across the track, giggling, squealing. Two boys wrestling in the deep snow, hurly burly, falling , laughing on this snow day.