The bus tour



A minibus tour from Dundee with the Dighty group I worked with last year to see the show in Montrose. Jokes and banter, and chocolate teacakes before we left. Smells of manure from the farmland and accusations from the back of the bus. Laughter. At the gallery, in the space where the film is being screened, everyone settles in. Chocolate is handed out ‘Who wants a crunchie ?’,’Anyone for a flake ? Spuggie?’ A can of Fanta opened, questions about who’s who in the film, and everyone settles, maybe expecting a feature length, but only getting 8 minutes. Time for tea. With detours and places too expensive to visit we end up in Arbroath for a cup of Earl Grey and a scone and jam. On the bus back into Dundee the conversation is different to the morning. We talk about the film and the fragments and traces we leave behind, big questions about what is important in living a life, quantum physics and the afterlife. Thundery rain splatters the windscreen, black clouds to the north. A good day , an interesting day, and a day of renewing friendships.





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  1. Aye it twas braw lemon in the grey a new flavouring to everyone’s disgust – steak burger and chips to feed the five thousand – the driver being followed all the time by a tall shadow at every available opportunity like a hidden couple – windscreen wipers making a mess – radio being drooned oot by a gaggle oh geese in the front and a magical excursion on the road to nowhere. 😂


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