2 Replies to “Strawberry Fields”

  1. I have been looking at your works gleefully, everyday for the last few weeks. I aim to continue for a while, a blog without words is to be admired. we talk to much anyway as humans.

    When I open my wordpress to write there your image stands for the day…I have a great great appreciation for drawing, and have had that love for more than thirty years. Drawing is so exciting to me. The destruction of one space for the greatness of another…new and more important than the one that passed. Imagination is the secret to a happy and power filled life.

    A painter and artist in my own right I am inspired by your ‘Drawing of the day’. Bravo Domininique…todays work ‘Strawberry Fields’ even has that taste.
    Thank you!

    I’ve always like that little area of contrasting color, it is an interesting use of a drawing element. I have wondered what it means to you…
    These spaces you create are so easy to walk into to…keep it up please.


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