‘This world is Phuhl o’ a Number o’ Things…..

2015-06-26 17.54.36

Sounds of the ’70’s in Douglas.

Fintry shams, Lochee Fleet, Kirkton Huns and Douglas Toddy, bands of boys, in bands of colour, jumpers knitted by their Grannies. Drinking, yelling, brawling, laughing, trying to get the girl. Green and reds and black and blue. Dundee, Arbroath, Leven and Methil, big men, small men, wide men, scared men, running. Into trouble.

Thankyou to Kenny and Charlie for their brilliant stories about the gangs in Dundee and for the music of ‘St Andrews and the Woollen Mills.’

One Reply to “‘This world is Phuhl o’ a Number o’ Things…..”

  1. Being educated at Arbtoath Highschool, I witnessed first hand the day two rival gangs stormed the road in front of the school for an aggressive face off, this was the Arbroath Shams and the other gang called The Fishy Fleet, before they battled and the school had to call the police, I have a photo of me and my brothers wearing those awful jumpers from the 70’s thankfully no pictures survive of me wearing parallels which were black with a red stripe down them and Doc Martins 🙂


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