Cheeri bye

This is to you all – Ann, Jane, Stuart, David, Derek, Catherine, Trevor, Brian, Nicky, Frances, Barbara, Noreen, Gillian, Kenny and Davey. You have taken me in, showed me how to do stuff and made me laugh. My adopted Dundee family. Thankyou.

The Dighty burn is braw, or from my part of the world – gert lush !

See you all in the new year, oh, except for my Christmas dinner at Sansburys invite, don’t forget !

And here is my final drawing of a giant Tunnocks teacake, jist fae yous.

Dominique x

ps I’ll be back scribbling soon.

2015-09-11 12.55.24 (2)

One Reply to “Cheeri bye”

  1. Well done young lass, you came to the Dighty burn, you sawed trees, and you conquered the hearts of many o us, and some of us are very grateful to have made a good friend and fellow number two gaffer in the process, your laughter and your singing and your poetic voice will be pined for for a while to come until you dawn us with yer presence again 🙂

    Well hope so.

    Not quite Burns, but the nearest voluntary equivalent 🙂

    Hope tae hear frae yea again!



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