P1180679Some pictures of the installation ‘Drawing the Line Somewhere’, as part of the Masters Show.

Photos by Lada Wilson.


Artist Statement


This is my artist statement for the Duncan of Jordanstone Masters show website  –


How do we tell stories about the city and its people and how can transience act as a route through the stories we make?

Walking for myself and the resultant observation and reflection act as a starting point to conjure with ideas about where factual accounting and the fictional meet, where the boundaries between these two states can blur and co-exist. I have been walking a north south and an east west line in Dundee which I return to repeatedly. The imposition of abstract lines on the landscape gives rise to the notion of organised chance, in that every walk is a repeat in terms of pattern, and yet, different and new each time. The lines become articulations of narrative. There is a stratigraphy of layers in the research and material production which reveal the origins of the research and also the temporal and cross medial dimensions.

I use text, drawing, photography and performance in relation to investigation and presentation, the strands being woven together to illuminate on the one hand but displace and fracture on the other. This has come together as the installation ‘Drawing The Line Somewhere’ – a bench, a book and a performance.








IMAG1924_1          IMAG1895          IMAG1919_2


Portraits for the website.

This is a character Minnie who appeared this year as part of my studies on the MFA  Art, Society and Publics course. She has become my portrait for walking and writing. Thanks to Emil for the pics.


The Hunting Ground.


Dem Tay 2


The composition ‘The Hunting Ground’ is one chapter of the installation ‘Drawing the line somewhere’, part of the Masters Art Society and Publics show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design – 15th August – 24th August. This piece is being performed in venues in Dundee during the ten days of the exhibition.

The Hunting Ground – dates and venues :

Monday 4th August  – Fintry Writers Group – 11am

Tuesday 5th Aug – Douglas Community Centre – 12.30pm

Saturday 16th Aug – Verdant Works – 2pm

Sunday 17th Aug – Dundee Law 12.00pm

Sunday 17th Aug – Visual Research Centre, DCA,- 2pm

Monday 18th Aug – Broughty Ferry Library – 3pm

Tuesday 19th Aug – Central Library – 12.30pm

Saturday 23rd Aug – Discovery Ship – 11.30am


Hope to see you.


Dundee City Council



The bench has been located. I am being allowed to borrow one from Dundee Law. In fact, it is the highest bench in Dundee – I like the fact that it looks down on the city and it is an old worn bench with graffiti sctatched into it. And its the sort of bench that makes you want to sit on it. Some definitely aren’t.

Thankyou Dundee City Council for your support .




lundie 2

Slumbering limbs fidget in the breeze, heavy with heat.

Violet vetch thread the curve of the track, upward,

to the nape of the hill……


This is part of a new composition made on another walk at Lundie, the source of the Dighty burn.