Mountains and mapping

The Isle of May project is underway and I am about to start another project with Mark Goodwin – poet and climber. He lives south but knows many of the mountains of Scotland . I asked him if he had a favourite to which he replied – Am Bodach , which is gaelic for ‘old man’. I looked it up to discover there is another munro called A’Chailleach, which meas ‘old woman’ close by and so it it this mountain I will be climbing in a few weeks time. He says its relatively easy – that all depends. Anyway we are not sure how this collaboration will progress, but it might be drawings/text, film/text, performance/text/drawing/film. Nothing is certain yet but as always it is the way I like it, never knowing what I will encounter but the prospect is exciting and you’ll get to see my side of the story as it evolves.

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