The Farm






Now that the woods project is finished I have been looking for my next challenge, and I think I have found it. I have started a new project at Ian and Carole’s farm. I spent the morning taking a wander round and made a few sketches – my first drawings of sheep. I sat in the field and they all wandered over to take a look, I don’t think they were terribly impressed. Anyway I will be coming back over the course of a year to draw and paint. It is beautiful here, the views stretch away south over the Forth to East Lothian and the Lammermuir hills beyond. There are copses of Scots pine, large horse chestnut trees and a small reservoir.  Swallows are darting and swooping between the byres and it feels a like a gentle introduction to farming life this morning. I want to look at the landscape and how it is farmed in this part of Fife. My thanks  to Carole and Ian for agreeing to have me around. I’ll try not to get under their feet. ……


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