Back and forth.



Ink on paper  – 60 x 20 cm.

My time spent drawing this wood is starting to come to an end. Once I get back from Italy I only have a couple of weeks to get all the images and text ready for the catalogue which I am making with Iain Sargeant and Alan from Fidra . So I am feeling a little reluctant to let go of this space, which of course I will visit again but not in the same way. It is difficult to say how exactly a landscape changes with the intensity of a gaze required to try and articulate what this space is, what it means and how it feels. Over the months this place has become another of my homes, somewhere I have made my own. I have shown some family and friends where I work, but mostly, I have been here alone. I have a slim understanding of how this place works and like a person I understand its moods brought by the seasons and changing weather. This wood has been a friend and I shall miss it .

2 Replies to “Back and forth.”

  1. Leaving your beautiful lines behind for a new adventure. I love the trees and my newest cover for my book is the lines of a boardwalk converging to a point. The flow of your ink is beautiful. Thank you for posting.

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