Scots pines.



157 x 54 cm, mixed media on paper.


Cold, really cold. Deer, rabbits, a wren, flock of pigeons circling overhead. The problem I have now painting outside in this weather is the temperature. Paint starts behaving differently – it sits on the paper gloopily but as soon as I add any water the support itself becomes sodden , so I am left with wet paint and wet paper which refuses to dry. I stand around literally watching paint dry while my feet start to freeze in my wellies. Coldness seeps, and by the end of the morning  I am shivering. The only thing to do is to make the decision that it won’t dry any further and then swiftly roll it up and get it back to the studio as soon as I can. Half an hour later and with the hairdryer on it the painting is dry and warm, less so me. Still, another amazing day spent in the company of trees. Wonderful.

One Reply to “Scots pines.”

  1. You need to get online and order yourself wellie warmers for your feet or thermal socks to keep those ten little guys warm ☺


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