America Street.


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I spent my first day in Montrose, wandering and sleuthing my way around. I surprised a sleeping shag on the beach, and asked the toilet attendant what is the best thing about Montrose ? It felt as if I had asked her a very personal question. The steeple she answered nervously.  I left thinking there must be more, and I walked and found interesting street names, dark, narrow closes off the High Street, the abandoned warehouses of a global trading port and a wonderful Victorian museum. These are some of their finds –

An ear bone of a Greenland whale, and Russian birch bark shoes. A man o’war ship made of bone, from French prisoners of war. A message in a bottle -‘We ate the dog, three men left alive, have mercy on our souls, Amen’.

Treasures.  I shall return, to draw .





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  1. Aye Montrose is a very interesting place – a local detectorist I know has an antique shop down a side street you might like to check out he sells all manner of wee nick nacks and has just featured on the BBC Antiques Road Trip Programme – his name is George Eaton – also just outside of Montrose is an outdoor Antique place called Steptoe’s that is worth a look at just off the road to St. Cyrus once again all manner of auld treasures there from a bygone era 😉❄👍

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