Kellie Law to Edinburgh

20160126_133111 (2)

Acrylic on paper.

Had my first accordion lesson last night, hmmm… its harder than it looks. The teacher is a man called Billy Anderson and he wears a waistcoat and  tweed jacket and looks and sounds like Ken Stott, the actor. Very patient and jolly with me. The rest of the group were very encouraging, so I will practice my scales, and my first tune, thankful for it not being ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, and I’ll be Jimmy Shand-ing before you can shout ‘Auchtermuchty’.

One Reply to “Kellie Law to Edinburgh”

  1. Can’t wait to attend your first gig 😊 and hear the Dighty accordian blues ,😉

    You’ll be great – will you sing as well with the accordion Dominique – its the bagpipes that would probably be harder 😉


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