3 Replies to “Spring (Get ready to be overjoyed).”

  1. Love this, Dominique. I hope you and yours are keeping well and doing good things. I’m okay – had a few ups and downs trying to get Tilo made, but what I have so far is lovely and it WILL get done. Hugs, Mx

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    1. May, thanks so much 🙂 The photo doesn’t do this painting justice, I think its the size. But standing in front of it is like swimming in yellow. This started out as a complicated map of a walk but with various redactions it has gone from being a commentary to something more poetic. I am enjoying the amount of space :). I am so pleased and excited that Tilo is getting there and I know for a fact it will be made, you are too brilliant a film maker, and the film’s story is so strong. Lovely to hear from you, hugs, D x


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