Bass Rock – first thoughts

ink on paper – 18 x 26 cm

So my next project is decided. Hopefully if the weather is fine I am booked on the last landing trip of the season. The gannets will shortly be leaving for feeding grounds off west Africa for the winter. This drawing came from a previous visit a couple of years ago and it is only now that I think I might be able to meet this desolate basalt rock face on. In fact despite its proximity to Edinburgh it has to be one of the wildest places I have ever visited – an inverse to Rannoch Moor in so many ways and yet Bass Rock is another landscape where humans are absent, a place where we have no business. It is this spirit that connects these places and one where I will try and get to an understanding of sorts if that is possible. I am looking forward to the challenge.

3 Replies to “Bass Rock – first thoughts”

  1. Good for you Dominique. I have so enjoyed following your work over the spring and summer. Planning to visit your exhibition in Gullane tomorrow. Looking forward to it very much.

    Sheila x

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    1. Thanks Sheila, yes itching to get going in this one. It’s what I needed to drag myself away from Rannoch Moor. Hope you enjoy the exhibition, Alan at the gallery has done a great job, looks great alongside the work of Ann Cowan. x


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