Drumlie skies.

Oil on board – 30 x 20cm

Snowdrops, lager cans, a birds wing, an old marble on the road to the farm. Tracks in the mud record the comings and goings of geese, tractors, boots. A lorry arrives with the steel for the new sheds. The driver says they’ll outlive him and tells me about the galvanising tanks that measure 15 metres in length and 4 metres deep, full to the brim with liquid zinc. I suggest it might not be nice to fall in. He asks who owns the giraffe sheep down the road. Looking puzzled he qualifies this with ‘I think they’re alpacas. What do we do with them ? Eat them ?’ he asks, to which I say I think not, that we keep them for their wool .He reckons they might end up in a burger yet…. I record the sound of the turbines. The crops in the surrounding fields are sprouting. Grey, damp, drumlie skies.

4 Replies to “Drumlie skies.”

  1. hi Dominique I love your postings – they add such special beauty to the days.

    Do you sell your work this way; i.e. would you tell us how much it is?

    Looking forward to the workshop at Falklands.

    warm wishes Ratnadevi

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    1. Hi Ratnadevi, thanks so much for your kind words. I will be selling some of the farm pieces at the Pittenweem Festival this year along with the publication that will accompany the exhibtion. It will be in the first week of August – if you look online it will tell you the exact dates. I’m really looking forward to the Falkland workshop too – lets hope for good weather on the day ! Dominique


    1. Hi Julia, thanks for getting in touch. I hope to be running another workshop at Off the Rails, sometime this Spring /summer. As soon as I know when and what it will be I’ll post it on my website and Twitter . Hope thats ok for you. And thanks for your lovely comment on my work 🙂


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