Sheep scanning.




Ian and Gillian in conversation –

‘Two but very late.’





‘Ssshh now….’

‘See the head on this one, see its vertebrae ?’

‘What colour’s she got on her arse?’

‘Green, touch of red.’

‘Green, first colour ? No she’s definitely a red arse.’

‘Sheep are different every year…..oh here we go, its so small it’s difficult to count. I think it’s just one, but she’s lost another one. The grass will be growing when she lambs.’


‘Right, thats looks like three.’

‘I told you about the one we had one year when she lambed, two beautiful lambs and I thought these lambs haven’t had a drink. I turned her up and not teets.’


‘She’s maybe borderline. She’s a red but……

‘Aye I’ll run her, she’s an old sheep’.

‘Come on toots’.


‘Go on now precious.’

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