2 Replies to “To the lighthouse”

  1. Been following your work for couple of months now, love its spare raw quality. Be interested to know about your process, do you use gesso just to prepare the surface of the paper or do you incorporate with ink when you paint?


    1. Hi Mary, thanks so much for your comments, its lovely to hear from people. As far as technique goes I tend to favour paper to work on because I like the unpreciousness of it , sometimes it feels less daunting than other surfaces, and I feel I can apply a variety of mediums. I use either 300lb watercolour paper or heavy cartridge paper which as you wondered is gesso-ed first – its a brilliant ground to work from and gives the paper a robustness, which is something I need. the rest stems from a freedom of movement which can and does mean several different media, but charcoal and ink are probably my favourites due to their physical qualities of mark making. And I think fundamentally I allow myself to take risks, where an image starts might not be at all where I thought it might end. Drawing and painting are movement, like dance. And to enjoy the process I think is crucial too. Anyway theres a few pointers to my way of working, hope thats interesting ?!! All the best Dominique


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