2 Replies to “Peter and the wolf.”

  1. Lovely part of Fife there are so many hidden treasures to be seen – if you have not been already Dominique – have a visit to Dunino Den which is an enchanted Den full of ancient mystery and mystique including the famous giant Celtic Cross carved into the rock face by person unknown perhaps during the time of the Pictish Nation being Christianised – its a wonderful place and very worthy of your sketches – you might find as I did the local folks from far and near worship the site believing the fairy folk reside there and leave gifts hanging from trees and tokens on the ground – the only other place enchanted like it is at Aberfoyle near Callander at the local Doune Hill – but when you do visit Dunino Den take your camera and take shots if the rock faces – I did a few years ago while I was in the Den in my own and the camera picked up lots of orbs in front of the Celtic Cross and one rock shaped like a lion – the camera showed I was surrounded by orbs of light – folks think I am crackers saying this but at the time I was absorbed with what was happening and I still have the photos – ancient hewn steps in the rock take you back up to the other feature an ancient well thought to have been a baptismal font and perhaps associated with some ancient Saint – a must see if you never been Dominique ☺ sorry gone overboard


  2. I’m a bit confused… where is Fife, who is Peter and where is the wolf? I like pen and ink and I like the above drawing… I don’t know what it is, but that doesn’t matter. I keep looking at it. Onya mate (bit of Oz’e slang) see if you can work that out!. Have a look at my page, might make you think. I see things you cannot


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