4 Replies to “Leith bridge”

  1. I would love to see this on canvas, 10ft X 15 ft long…wow awesome possum Dominique. I did’nt think you could get any better that great. I guess ya can. Have you heard of Patreon.


    1. Hi Michael, thanks, I agree, a large version of this would be interesting and challenging and could work on a big scale. Its a complex process working on such dark imagery, its as if you have ‘find’ the picture. It takes a long time for the image to emerge, but satisfying. I had not heard of Patreon ’til now, just googled it- sounds interesting, but not sure how that would work for a painter ?….Anyway thanks again for looking at my work, it helps to know that there are some people interested in what I do !


      1. Without you doing the larger version it has that feel of monumentality…you work in same vein that i do we have a similar process, and i quite know ow quikly thy can become dark. We have so many sketches we make best to send them out to the world than have them live in a box in the basement. I think patreon might support those that should be…lastly, your an inspiation i have trying to get back to studio. But i do love to write, especially poetry.


  2. my first time here and i have enjoyed my visit.
    i love this piece, but i am especially taken with
    that touch of blue. just does something…

    thanks for the visual feast –


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