Artists studio.

20160418_101551 (2)

The artist William Lamb had his studio along this close in Montrose. It is open in July and August to the public but Sue from the museum showed me around last week. A beautiful space that show his workrooms and his sculptures, paintings and hundreds of his drawings. A wonderful sense of the discipline of making and thinking about work and his connection to both the people and landscape.On the road there is a disabled parking bay. Lamb was wounded during the first world war,so much so that he could no longer use his right hand and had to retrain using his left hand.

2 Replies to “Artists studio.”

  1. Unique, and quiet, paintings. I like them. What looks simple, is not really. Painting is art, and art is complicated. I know. I am an artist also. Painting is discipline, organization, and creativity. I see more when I look at this painting longer. Good work.


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