Football and dragons.



20160219_124943 (4)

Montrose football ground . I meet Fred filling in potholes in the carpark. He tells me about the club and the celebrations last season when they won the play off which meant they avoided relegation. I suggest Montrose might be in the first division. He laughs. No, apparently not. Still their ticket prices are very good and I say I will come, having enjoyed my visit to Tannadice. He screws up his face and I realise I get that wrong too – mentioning Dundee Utd. So much to learn about football.

Walking down a vennel I had overlooked I come across a woman sitting in her garden with a large reptile lying on her chest. I say hello and ask her what it is. A dragon she replies. She is called Puff. (  brilliant,of course ) I ask if I can stroke her and surprisingly its belly is soft and warm to touch. Apparently the suns UV rays are better than a lamp. I guess so. Her owner is Nancy a photographer of 41 years – portraits and weddings. She is on her lunch break so I leave her and Puff to sunbathe on a Scottish Thursday in February.


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