Hill street


20160214_105312 (2)

Mixed media on paper – Montrose Review newspaper.

Cold easterly winds bring sleet. Walk through the town and on to the industrial estate. Hangars, warehouses, engineering firms for the offshore industry, cranes, lorries and nissen huts at the air museum. I spot ‘The Hoosie’ catering portakabin and pop in. Engineers, a driving test examiner and Steve the cook. I ask if I can take some pictures and tell him his catering establishment is the end of the line. He laughs and says ‘you’ll meet everyone here, sooner or later.’ The conversation turns to the quality of morning rolls at Lidls. From where I sit I look out of the door to a Spitfire and and the Union Jack flying – ¬†polystyrene tea, the war, it feels peculiarly nostalgic on this winters morning. He has pots of fake flowers outside, a nice touch. I say cheerio, saying I will bring my drawing of the cafe next time and head out back down the line.


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