From Colinsburgh woods to Las Vegas.


2016-01-20 15.28.24 (2)

Bright winter sun in the woods. Pencil drawing.

I sat in the Central Library Dundee today looking for things Montrose, to start my research into the town. I came across some year books from the early 1970’s. This is a snapshot –

Decimalisation means camp site fees are now 40p per tent. The Locarno Ballroom reinvents itself as The Four Seasons a la Sunset Strip. The tobacconists advert runs with the line – “The man who smokes thinks like a Sage and acts like a Samaritan”. ‘In style’ fashions for your jeans, cords and cheesecloths, and you might like to saunter down to the Corner House Hotel and the Zanzi-bar lounge with its distinctive African decor.  Mrs. McAlpine runs a tape recording and hi-fi club. Miss Joan Butter is Montrose Rose Queen. Stereograms and Grundig tellies all available on the H.P. and Arbuthnotts for your lifeboat if all else fails.




2 Replies to “From Colinsburgh woods to Las Vegas.”

  1. Montrose is a lovely place – what you moving again 😊 – I have handed a few bits and pieces into the museum Dominique in the past – you should check it out 😊 once found among old pennies while searching under the railway bridge next to the Montrose Basin a large amphora jug fragment that was thought to be Roman – Montrose Basin was once thought to have
    been a major Naval Sea base for the Roman Army and they had a big fort and camp at Dun – other areas of interest was the auld Horse Racing course now golf course but had seen horse racing for some couple of hundred years or more before being turned into a golf course, an old barracks once stood near to where the caravan park is and Glaxochem, and check out the Airfield Museum thought to be haunted 😊

    David 😊
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