The Finders.

2015-10-25 16.40.17

Men in camouflage. Spades and wellies. Hunters of all things metal. ‘Anticipation’, one said, ‘An addiction’, said another. ‘I go to bed thinking about it…. That and sex…’ Banter, chat and then a dispersal across fields of pasture, of stubble, of tatties. Alone with their machine, beep, beep, beep, beeeeeep…..Dig.

Cleaning muddied,cloddy earth between fingers and thumb reveals a musket ball, Russian flax seals and ancient Roman beads. History, lottery, friendship, discovery, nails, ring pulls, viking jewellery and silver. All waiting.

Thankyou for a great morning spent in the company of the detectorists.

One Reply to “The Finders.”

  1. Excellent as ever Domique and one day we’ll get you detecting yet again as I think you have a lucky touch : ) Jim Foster (Fozzy) above with the cheesy grin – came up to me after you and Ann had gone and said how about doing a combi dig next time I said good idea – a combi dig meaning we will do a dig for two charities at the same at a diiferent venue he did one recently under instructions from his Mother inlaw for the Blairgowrie Heart and Stroke group and so he is now thinking of doing a Dig to raise monies for both the aforementioned and Dighty Connect together – so it will be a case of watching the space : )


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