Eighteen street lights and a KFC

2015-09-02 12.15.17 (2)

Early September morning. Blinking in the morning sun. I sit in the car park of Sainsburys drawing the local KFC whilst shoppers wonder why ? Meet a retired architect who designed the swimming pool and flumes that once stood on the Tay, now demolished for the new V and A museum. He said he felt a touch sad at its going. Another woman who I think was very nervous laughed the whole while I chatted. Either that or….. ? A story of Robert Burns, cemeteries and bowling clubs and did I always want to be an artist ? Car doors slamming, engines idling , seagulls screeching, trolleys squeaking. Look out for the funny shaped building near Tescos, my swansong he said. I shall .

One Reply to “Eighteen street lights and a KFC”

  1. Am goin tae miss these art treats when yea flit, they are a joy to look at and read, I have a small hoose warmin gift fir yea I will give you the next session roond its nowt anythin extravagant just apt 🙂


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