Beneath the A90…..

2015-08-17 13.14.41 (2)

The Dighty flows under the dual carrigeway here. Meet Yvonne whose sons girlfriend is an artist living in Buckie. Tells me she has lived next to the burn for 30 years. Lycra sweaty runners pant heavily as they pass. The sun is hot today. Ragwort, butter burr and rowan trees heavy with berries. A man walks over to me.He introduces himself as Joe, an artist from across the way. A sculptor. He shows me how to hold a pencil and asks me lots of questions about my composition. His little dog rolls in the grass, has a poorly paw. Joe lived in Berlin for a while.The council grass cutting tractor mower is getting closer, think I should move…….I walk back to the car at Morrisons. I think I am in love with this car park. It is huge, and there is something about the optimism that planned this space that I like as I look out upon acres of white painted boxes meant for cars and their shopping. The heat of the car interior blasts me as I open the door.

One Reply to “Beneath the A90…..”

  1. Is this not nearby the place where that auld un telt ya aff about the painting done as well, and now this Joe Bloggs comes alang tae, tis not a car park yer at but tis Critic’s Corner 😉


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