2015-07-16 11.33.54 (3)

Bus shelter, cool, cloudy Thursday morning. The air is ruffled by passing lorries so I hastily stick down my drawing. Three little girls all dressed in pink. A boy stares at the drawing critically for a long time and walks on. Meet a woman from Edinburgh. She fell in love and had moved to Monifieth. Her son was doing a PhD in Patent Law. Number 15 buses every 10 minutes into the city centre. They stop, thinking I want to get on and I point to the paper stuck on the bus shelter walls. I smile apologetically. Man on a skateboard, dogs and bikes along the burn. Graffiti under the bridge.

One Reply to “pylon”

  1. Brilliant knew exactly where you were for I have aerial photos of that Pylon from the 1960’s, when the roads were being made and Drumgeith Park was still fields full o coos 🙂


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