knigfisher blues

2015-07-09 11.14.46 (2)

A cool, sun in and out of the clouds morning. Feeling alone but I forget myself in drawing. Meet a man who showed me pictures of the kingfisher on the burn and told me about the wild mink and Travellers at the back of Sainsburys. Neither appeared welcome. Had some thoughts about an outdoor experimental drawing class – wondering if anyone would be interested….? A quiet, thoughtful morning.

One Reply to “knigfisher blues”

  1. I am still wanting to see a Kingfisher to photograph they are as sacred as the fairy folk – blink and you’ll miss πŸ™‚ – your walk and draw along the Dighty is a splendid idea, there are hundreds of things to see that are just waiting to be drawn – I’d only be good at matchstick people’s πŸ˜‰ your post has had over 100 lookers reading it so far – and hopefully some of them will come along – maybe come along myself to draw matchstick flutter flies πŸ™‚


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