2015-07-04 16.20.16 (2)

Baldovie Incinerator, Dundee. Ended up drawing on lots of sheets of paper, as the shapes of the structure grew and grew in the hot morning sun. Forgot to put on suncream and my face burning. Lorry driver laughing at my attempts to keep the drawing under control. In the way of the Council grass cutting machine as it chewed up the grass and the litter behind me.

One Reply to “Incinerator”

  1. Watch you dinnae end up on a skip up there 🙂

    I must introduce you to my brass pig that was saved from a skip worse than a stye?

    It was saved by a security guard called Joe Dimeech (think that maybe the wrong spelling Italian sounding last name though) I was based at DERL as a security guard working for Securitay and Joe was based at Baldovie just behind me working for Tayside Security, and what a laugh was told about Joe whom I would bump into on patrols and we’d blether through the back fence, the amount of times I had heard about Joe getting a rollicking from his Duty Officer was something only found in comics, for one time the Duty Officer went hunting for Joe only to find he’d fallen in a skip head first with only legs sticking out from it 🙂 I’ll maybe tell you more sometime 🙂


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