Warm sun on our faces.


Warm sun on our faces

this February morning.


and thick ice on the pond.

Start work on the dry stane dyke

and the space where we will make a seat for Billy and Davey.

We were the only twa’ that smoked.

now its jist me.

New faces, old faces.

Foundation stones,

trying to make them fit.

We walked the ridge of the Sidlaws with a bottle of Guinness in hand.

Happy times.



A wren.

Mountains in the far north.

A picnic tea on the tarpaulin,

eating jammie dodgers in Daveys honour.

Warm sun on our faces.


2015-02-10 15.16.16

3 Replies to “Warm sun on our faces.”

  1. Brilliant as ever Dominique, I’m sure Davey would have been very chuffed at this as he was a big fan of your writing’s, we would talk about them poems when we worked in the garden and the lingo that is Dundonese, I will miss his advice and friendship and wealth of knowledge along the Dighty days!


  2. Thanks David, hope he would like it. He always laughed when I called him Don Quixote, and he would say ‘Aye tilting at those windmills….’ Oh and thankyou for the new word – ‘dockey’. we carried a few pure huge dockies yesterday !


  3. A bit of history, there once was in medieval times an ancient Chapel called Chapel Dockie near Ethiebeaton at the back of Monifieth, where one thought was it was a Chapel built on stones, and sure enough when a friend and I tried to search and metal detect the site of the chapel many years ago we found the soil was impossible to dig because it was saturated with stone and rock!


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