On my radio….


Warnings of gales……and cross party support…..as long as we’re together…..you give me…..the quantitative easing…… of Bach’s cello suite no.1 in G major…….setback for the Tangerines…….who have vowed to devolve powers……back to the 70’s and the tunes keep coming. Its tartan turn-ups, mullets and Disco Duck by Ruby Flipper. Aye, I hud nae idea either. Anyways its Ra Ra Rasputin La Belle Epoque here on your local Longhaugh music station, here with the grooves. On line two we huv Stuart fae Fintry. Morning Stuart and what’s your Hi ho silver lining ? Uh, Hiya Bob, jist wanted to tell yous I found a tenner roond the back o’ Iceland the morn. Happy days, eh Bob ? Nae bad Stuart, whit you gonna dae wi’ it ? Aww, easy man, stick it on a pony. Shang a Lang, 12.40, Kempton. Stuart thats sweet. An’ fae one sweet tae another…..keep warm oot there litter pickers…. Aah, aah you better beware, you better take care…….


2015-01-20 13.40.48                      2015-01-20 13.41.28



3 Replies to “On my radio….”

  1. Yea better watch oot fir lang black hair, does anyone know the way to be a someone say : )

    Excellent as ever Dominique, and terrific wordy rappinghood?


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