New line.


I am walking a new line, the line of the Dighty burn which runs to the north of Dundee. The burn starts its journey at Lundie loch in the hills to the north of the city and finds its way through agricultural, industrial and residential landscapes before it finally meets the sea at Monifieth, some 15 miles in length. I shall be walking, writing, drawing and painting my way along this line. I am being funded by Dighty Connect without whom this project would not happen.

Here is a start to my journey, a piece I wrote whilst walking in Lundie –

IMAG2019_1   IMAG2005_1




Slumbering limbs fidget in the breeze,

heavy with heat.

Violet vetch thread the curve of the track,


to the nape of the hill.








Drowsy, ruffled, whiskered corn,

lain this way and that,


by the dreams of horses.

He carries a cowboy gun and eats cherries.

‘What’s it like living here ?’


says the boy.


6 Replies to “New line.”

    1. Will be great to see you again Dominique we have all been pining for you as well as the dighty wondering where you’ve got to, I may know someone but will need a reminder of who, so many folks I know of, but if you are stuck you can always chat me up as well. : )


    2. Hi Dominique,

      Just received word from Jane Wilkinson that her father has been taken to hospital, she has gone back to Preston, and as such has had to cancel the Tuesday session for next week, hopefully we will be back to normal for the following Tuesday!

      Kind Regards


      Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 08:07:06 +0000 To:


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