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Portraits for the website.

This is a character Minnie who appeared this year as part of my studies on the MFA  Art, Society and Publics course. She has become my portrait for walking and writing. Thanks to Emil for the pics.


3 Replies to “portrait”

  1. Very eye opening and catching I like the traditional laptop I used to have a portable one as well in a bygone age 1960’s before technology invaded, I even still have my old Sharp Fontwriter Word Processor in my landing shed which is from the 1990’s a well!

    I like that Dominique.


  2. I was in the same boat as well I used to use an old portable my Sister gave me thinking that I’d be able to type up short stories but two of the keys kept on sticking together and I made a complete mess with spelling, using one finger at a time I have graduated over the years to three or four fingers!


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