I have visited all of Dundee’s parks, well nearly all, looking for a bench. I don’t think I appreciated the variety of benches on offer. I had thought it would be easy to choose a bench, but its proving tricky,  in that I have to think about the context of  the seating within a gallery setting, and the space I will be showing. Heres a few –

IMAG1823_1         IMAG1817_1     IMAG1820_1         IMAG1803_1

And it needs to be comfy. Some benches are and others are just not. But then it might depend  what you are doing on your bench I suppose. Anyway Dundee City council have been very generous in their support and it is very much appreciated. Maybe there’s some smart ones in the Ferry ? I should go and take a look……









3 Replies to “bench”

  1. There’s a very interesting single seater made from Willow and woodwork done by a certain
    that did sit at the West Ferry, near the yaughting sheds and beside the metal railway bridge it was quite a bonnie seat okay not a bench but if I could pinch it I’d love to own it myself!


  2. Sorry a Willow Boatseat Dominique done by a very gifted Willow Wizard you might know, yacht sheds nearby my tablet spelling is attrocious.


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